Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Prayers Needed

Please pray for us and for Lilia.  Brendan spoke with the Africa Program director from our agency today.  They still have nothing new from the Embassy about Lilia's investigation.  The Embassy has been in contact with them, continuing to investigate Lilia's case, but still has not cleared her for a visa.  They are aiming for 8 weeks, which we are sitting at 8 weeks into the investigation, but they are under no obligation to finish at a certain point.  They have said there are no red flags in Lilia's case but it is just taking longer because she is from a smaller orphanage.  Please pray for us and Lilia.  Our hearts are so heavy and weary.  We just want to be with our little girl.  We need God to move this mountain.  Be our sustainer Lord Jesus and hold and strengthen Lilia's little heart.

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